Interview Coaching

Nervous about how to answer interview questions?

You can feel confident and prepared for your next interview – with one-on-one coaching!

Many people haven’t had an interview in years.  Others have had interviews that didn’t turn out well.

We can help!

How can Interview Coaching help you?

Increase your confidence by receiving personal coaching

Practice Makes Perfect – don’t do your practicing in a real interview!

Get suggestions on how to sell yourself better

Learn how to handle gaps in employment or other tricky situations

In addition to 90 minutes of personalized coaching, you’ll receive:

Tips on Preparing for the Interview

  • List of Common Interview Questions to practice
  • A proven method for answering Behavioral Questions
  • Strategies for answering Questions you didn’t expect
  • Questions You should ask in the Interview
  • What to do after the Interview

For a Free Copy of “Top 25 Interview Mistakes”

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