Career Coaching

Do you want help finding new career opportunities? Are you concerned about being laid off or want to be ready, just in case? We can help!  Our  Career Coaches are experienced in all aspects of the career discovery and job search process.  We partner with you to determine the topics that you feel will benefit you the most in your job search.  You control the agenda — We provide the help!

Your sessions with our professional Career Coaches might include some or all of the following elements:

• Career and self discovery                  • Job seeking on the Internet

• Managing your job campaign           • Interview preparation

• Strategic networking                          • Self-employment/entrepreneurship

• Negotiating employment offers      • Retirement considerations

Our goal is to ensure that you get the help that you need to find success in your career.  We know that success requires a unique approach for each individual, and we specialize in providing this customized service.  Your expertise is in your line of work; ours is in the career and job search process.  Let us successfully guide you through this process and shorten the path to your next career!

Cost: Starts at $99. Please contact us for specific pricing for your selected services.

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