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Thank you for your sincere and honest assistance with shaping my career path. I wish we would have talked earlier in life. But, I am grateful for the short time spent with you recently to help focus my job search on what's important. Your approach to handling the tougher job search issues was well appreciated, and your assistance went way beyond what I would call coaching. I felt like you really cared about how I was proceeding with my well being and my job search. - Bryan R.

Thank you for all of your help in my adjustment from being employed person to a role of active job-searching. I appreciated your ideas, advice, and especially all the time spent compiling and revising my resume. I couldn't have done it without your input. - Dean G.

I would like to thank you for all your help these past months not only in my search for employment, but also by your understanding and friendly words of encouragement. My resume displays the professionalism of your qualities and skills. - Karen B.

Your articulate and methodological approach to job search gave me the edge that I needed to obtain my new position. You motivated me and the enthusiasm that you showed toward your work encouraged me to keep working hard, even during my low days. - Rene S.

What can I say but a very sincere thank you. Thanks a million for all the support and concern you have given me during the past eight months. It was very good for me to have you as my coach, encouraging me "to get focused," "get five more companies", and all of the rest. - Les F.

It took a long time Dave, but boy was it worth it, and there is no doubt in my mind that more than any other individual you are responsible for it. Your continuous support and exceptional advice and council were in valuable to me. - Bob R.

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